"I’m not getting out of the car."


"You’re dangerous, I fear for my safety."

"I’m a police officer, I’m not dangerous. You are."

*breaks window, draws gun on a car with kids, reaches into car, electrocutes passenger with high voltage*

You sure proved how dangerous you aren’t, officer. 

That video makes me so angry

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Is it possible to love each one of your facial features individually, but dislike the way they look all together?
Haven’t shared a picture of this face in awhile, so..
Hello, I suppose.
Tatum && I getting our hair did in 4th hour :P
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i don’t even know lol
No makeup, pajamas, && natural hair. Feels good man, feels good.  (Taken with GifBoom)
#latestartswag lol (Taken with instagram)
icon for Gabby :*
new icon lovelies :* 
I can be cute sometimes.